Horticulture Internship

Listed on: 17 Aug 2020

Scottsdale Farms

Michelle Jones

15639 Birmingham Hwy
Milton, GA 30004

Phone: 770-777-5875

Email: michellej@scottsdalefarms.com

Web site: http://www.scottsdalefarms.com

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Horticulture interns will work in all areas of the gardens and participate in a wide range of horticultural experiences. The intern will experience hands-on growing techniques, cultural practices used to control diseases and insects and will be aware of how all environmental factors outside still affect general production of greenhouse crops. Beyond the primary focus of providing a beautiful garden experience for every guest, this internship will present the intern with many opportunities to broaden their experience within the horticulture field and to learn about different careers in Public Horticulture. Every intern will receive training in basic gardening techniques and horticulture topics including: -Plant identification -Weed management -Mulch types and application methods -Understanding seasonal impacts on horticulture -Irrigation, fertilization, and other plant care techniques -Factors that affect plant placement In addition to gaining specialized knowledge appropriate to his/her area of focus, each intern will have the opportunity to: -Learn about career opportunities in horticulture -Learn about the resources and operations of a garden center and the mission of Scottsdale Farms -Experience teamwork, cooperation, and responsibility

Preferred Experience and Education:

Scottsdale's Horticulture intern program is open to all students who have demonstrated knowledge and interest in horticulture who are willing to advance their knowledge through practical hands-on experience. Scottsdale seeks reliable and hardworking candidates who thrive in a team setting and are capable of completing individual tasks as assigned. We're looking for individuals who have excellent communication skills, are committed to being present and punctual on workdays, and have the ability to perform diverse tasks that can be physically demanding. The successful candidate must be comfortable interacting with guests and staff. They must be enthusiastic about plants, conscientious of the environment, and be willing to participate in all horticulture practices.